How much does it cost to be in Girl Scouts?

All members pay $15 annual membership dues.  The Girl Scout year runs from October 1 – September 30.  Beyond the membership dues paid each year, the troop may set a dues amount to be collected weekly, monthly, or periodically to help cover the costs of activities, patches, and supplies for the troop.  Each troop sets its own budget based on the goals of the girls in the troop. Girls choosing other Pathways may have additional program fees.

What does the $15 Registration fee/ Membership dues cover?

The entire $15 membership fee is sent to Girl Scouts of the USA.  GSUSA uses the membership fees to support program development and services on a national level.  No part of the fee remains with Girl Scouts Heart of the South. A portion of the membership fee paid by every registered member is used to provide a basic accident protection plan.  

Does my daughter have to join a troop?

While many girls do belong to a troop, many others belong to special-interest groups or are registered as individual girls (called “Juliettes”). Girl Scout Pathways is another way for girls to participate outside of the troop that offers flexibility and many different ways to enjoy Girl Scouting. All registered members may participate in any Council-sponsored program, activity or camp.     My daughter has never been a Girl Scout before. When is she too old? A girl must be willing to abide by the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and be in kindergarten through her senior year in high school.    

Does my daughter have to have a uniform?

Uniforms are NOT required for members to participate in Girl Scout activities, although registered members are entitled to wear them. Girl Scouts wear uniforms to show their pride in belonging to a movement whose mission is held in high regard by the American people. There is a variety of uniform components, so that some part of the uniform can be affordable for every girl. The uniform provides visibility and recognition for members, and helps all girls in a group to show they belong, regardless of individual socio-economic status or family circumstances. suitable for all Girl Scout functions and should be worn appropriately. Uniforms are available for purchase from the Council Shops or on-line. Any uniform, past or present, is considered official.    

When are permission forms needed?

You will be asked to provide written consent for any activities that are held at a different place and/or time than the regularly scheduled meeting. Permission forms will also be used when activities involve travel, unusual risks or sensitive/controversial issues.  If you are not comfortable having her participate in a particular activity, ask questions, go along to assist, or choose not to have her participate.    

Does my daughter have to participate in product sales?

Girl Scout Cookie Sales and the Fall Product Sale are neither a focus nor a requirement for being a Girl Scout. It is a group project that emphasizes goal setting, teamwork and financial management. Groups use the money earned to finance trips, equipment and special events.    

How will I know what activities are available?

Keep visiting this website for the latest council calendar information as well as sign up for the Girl Scout Weekly Update, an email, ENEWS blast delivered to you every Friday with all the council happenings. The council also produces a bi-monthly newsletter called S’More News and is present on Facebook, Twitter and hosts a Blog all in attempts to keep you informed. Most troops have periodic parent meetings and/or write their own newsletters to give updates on what is happening within the troop.      

What type of awards will my daughter receive?

There are several Girl Scout awards available for girls based upon grade level, interest and involvement. The highest award in Girl Scouting is the Gold Award, which offers community prestige, a sense of accomplishment and opportunities for college scholarships.

Who do I call to answer questions?

If your daughter participates in a  Troop/Group, contact the leader. If the Troop/Group leader cannot answer your question, or if the question concerns the leader, contact your service unit manager or your area’s membership manager at your regional service center.


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