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A Ghost at Juliette's Home in Savannah?

The story goes that when Juliette Gordon Low's mother, Nellie Gordon, died on February 22, 1917, the ghost of her husband, General William Gordon, was seen by one of the daughters-in-law waiting in a room next to the room where Nellie lay with her five living children. Five years earlier, upon his deathbed, Gen. Gordon had promised his wife he would return for her. The Gordon children reported that when their mother died, “her face took on the radiance of a bride, going to meet her... Read More
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Girl Scout Pens Letter to Both Presidential Candidates

14-year-old Girl Scout Gold Award recipient Hareem Abdullah has a column in the Huffington Post titled Dear Presidential Candidates: It's Time to Start Focusing on Girls and Their Future . An excerpt: "Every girl should have the opportunity to do great things in her life. So I'm speaking up for all girls. I am calling on you now, Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney, when you are listening to what people want, when you are deciding what's important, when you are debating... Read More
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Anna Maria Chávez Interviewed in Washington Post

Anna Maria Chávez, chief executive officer of Girl Scouts of the USA, is the subject of an interview in the Washington Post . An exerpt below: WAPO: "How does Girl Scouts develop leadership skills?" Anna Maria Chávez:  " Even though we’re sometimes best known for our cookies, crafts and camping, ultimately we are a girl-centered leadership organization supported by adult mentors. Our girls discover ways to help the world around them, such as working on a... Read More
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Girl Scouts Announces Finalists in Contest to Tell Presidential Candidates

Girl Scouts of the USA today announces the finalists for “Dear Mr. President Girls Scouts Speak Out” PSA Contest in which girls of all ages were invited to make public service announcements to tell the presidential candidates about the importance of supporting girls and the next generation of leaders.   The videos, slide shows and other material submitted by girls across the country drew more than 10,000 votes and dealt with issues ranging from business to bullying.  “Dear... Read More
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Did You Know?

The best-sell Girl Scout cookies, Thin Mint, is also the third-best-selling cookie of any sort in the US. Read More
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Girl Business: Bringing Meaning to the Girl Scout Cookie Box

For the first time in thirteen years, the Girl Scouts of the USA has changed it's iconic cookie box! The boxes sport not only a new look, but a new purpose: to showcase the five lifelong financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills that Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches. To celebrate the launch of the new cookie packaging, Girl Scouts of the USA teamed up with Advertising Week to host "Thinking Outside the Cookie Box: Keeping Youthful Innovation Throughout Your Career," a panel... Read More
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