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Girl Scouts and Barbie® Partner on Career Exploration Activities!

Today, Barbie® and Girl Scouts of the USA announced a unique partnership to create the Barbie® “Be Anything, Do Everything” patch. The participation patch is designed to inspire the next generation of female leaders, encouraging girls to explore endless career possibilities through exciting new program activities. With upwards of 135 diverse careers under her belt, Barbie® has been a trailblazer for more than five decades. And for more than a century, GSUSA has been the premier... Read More
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Pink Palace Museum RACE- Locker Project Competition

The Pink Palace Museum proudly presents the RACE- Locker Project Competition in association with the RACE: Are We So Different? Exhibit at the Pink Palace Museum. This thought provoking exhibit runs from February 1 through May 4, 2014. Race: Are We So Different? explores the concept of race from scientific, historical and cultural perspectives. The exhibition offers a powerful look at race and racism, and challenges visitors to ask questions, think critically, and talk about the issue... Read More
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Dear Daisy is back and back at school!

Dear Daisy is an advice column written by Cadette and Ambassador Troop 20356. Amy and Isabella are Seniors and are entering 10th grade and have been Girl Scouts since kindergarten. Other troop members are Cadettes Jacleyn, Melissa, Ke'nia, Candace and Kayla. Do you have a question? Need some advice? You can email them! Feel free to use an alias If you don't feel comfortable using your own name. August Hey Daisy, So there is this boy that I have liked for like a year and a bit...... Read More
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Throwback Thursday: Girl Scout Space PSA 1976

In the below video, an intergalactic investigation finds that Girl Scouts needs volunteers! Today, volunteering opportunities with Girl Scouts are tailored to fit your calendar, your skills, and your interests. Your time as a volunteer will provide girls the free and safe environment they need to pursue whatever interests, causes, and leadership roles are most important to them. With your support, girls will stand up, stand out, and stand tall. ... Read More
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Coffee-mate Casting Call for Girl Scout Creamers

Coffee-mate is conducting a nationwide casting search for the star of a new television commercial promoting the nationally-licensed Coffee-mate Girl Scouts creamers. Girl Scouts will be able to audition by uploading an audition video to the Coffee-mate website between July 30 and August 13 . Additionally, Coffee-mate will hold two in-person, open auditions in New York City and Los Angeles on July 30. Visit Coffee-mate’s “Scout the Girl Scout” website for... Read More
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