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Girl Scouts and Google Inspire Girls to Code

Last week, Google announced an exciting new initiative—and Girl Scouts of the USA is excited to be part of it. Made With Code aims to change the way girls think about coding, and inspire them to consider careers in computer science. The program includes: A new site where girls can try Blockly-based coding projects like designing a 3D-printed bracelet, learning to create animated GIFs, and even building beats for a music track. A directory... Read More
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MLGW to Host 2nd Annual Solar Model Car Race

Courtesy of Bird on a Wire , Memphis Lights Gas and Water  MLGW is once again hosting its Annual “A-Blazing Race” on Saturday, August 16, 2014 from 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. The race will be held at the Beale Street Landing Parking Garage Roof Top at 245 South Main Street. The A-Blazing Race promotes MLGW’s interest in solar energy, but also introduces children to different engineering-related professions. The object of the race is to design and build a vehicle that is powered strictly by... Read More
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“Free Being Me” PSA Contest through 8/31

Beauty is everywhere. It’s inside and out. It comes in all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. The idea of beauty even changes over time and with the distance you travel.   With Free Being Me, you get to define beauty the way you want to. Make a PSA that urges people to celebrate the qualities that make them unique – and beautiful.   For more information, visit .   Want more information on how to create a PSA? Simply visit   ... Read More
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June 14 is National Get Outdoors Day!

Participants from federal agencies, nonprofit organizations and the recreation industry are again teaming up to host the 7th annual National Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) to encourage healthy, active outdoor fun at sites across the nation. On Saturday, June 14, 2014, these diverse partners will offer opportunities for American families to experience traditional and non-traditional types of outdoor activities. Prime goals of the day are reaching currently underserved... Read More
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