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Congratulations Girl Scout Volunteers

At the Girl Scout Annual Meeting on Saturday, April 30 we recognized the hard work and dedication of several Girl Scout volunteers. 

The Outstanding Volunteer Award recognizes an adult in a position other than leader, or in addition to leader whose service benefits a geographic or program delivery unit in a way that is beyond the expectations for the position.  We honored fourteen volunteers who had been approved by our council recognitions committee to receive Outstanding Volunteer Awards. 

  • Carol Holt- Carroll County Service Unit
  • Lisa Roberts- Carroll County Service Unit
  • Gwen Holland- Carroll County Service Unit
  • Kristi Zravkov- Chester County Service Unit
  • Kim Pettigrew- Decatur County Service Unit
  • Cheryl Ratliff- Hardin County Service Unit
  • Alisha Weber- Henderson County Service Unit
  • Laura Dougherty- Henry County Service Unit
  • Gay Francisco- Henry County Service Unit
  • Renee Gray- Horn Lake/Walls Service Unit
  • Linda McMillen- Itawamba County Service Unit
  • Michelle Aten- Lafayette County Service Unit
  • Linda Lewis- Olive Branch Service Unit
  • Lynn Bowers- Hollywood Service Unit  

The Outstanding Leader Award recognizes troop leaders and assistant leaders whose performance in working with girls is so outstanding that it merits recognition by the geographic or program delivery unit.  We honored three volunteers who had been approved by the council recognitions committee to receive Outstanding Leader Awards.

  • Jennifer Martindale-Adams- Evergreen Service Unit
  • Missy Foster- Gibson County Service Unit        
  • Tammie Jennings- Horn Lake/Walls Service Unit  

Appreciation Pin

The Appreciation Pin is a GSUSA recognition that recognizes outstanding service, above and beyond the expectation for the position held, and is delivered to a geographic area or program delivery audience in a way that furthers the council’s goals.  Consideration requires that a nomination be submitted along with two letters of endorsement from two individuals or groups that have worked with and observed the performance of the individual. The following nominations were approved by both the council recognitions committee and our board of directors.  

Amy Merrick- recipient

In 2007 her daughter brought home the Girl Scout flyer from school about the upcoming parent meeting. There was not a leader in her small rural town & this former Girl Scout volunteered. Starting with 7 little Daisies to now having 22 Daisies, Brownies, & Juniors, she has embodied the mission of our organization. From meeting every week on different nights for each group, to always attending the Service Unit Meetings, she always makes sure that her girls get the full experience and meaning of being a Girl Scout. Keeping them involved in service unit events & service projects, to council events, this lady never misses a step.

She is currently working to form a club at the high school where she teaches for an older girl pathway, which was her idea.  She amazes  her membership manager, Tina McClellan with her compassion & willingness to help teach all of the girls about leadership, skill building, making the world a better place, and being an all inclusive group. She has been a mentor for new leaders, she serves on the Service Team as school chair, event organizer, planning committee member, and in any other way that she can help. When asked for a volunteer to be a Trainer for the county, she stepped up to the plate & took the training course. She has been in charge of the International Day event for the last 3 years; Make A Difference day, food drives, and Pennies for Pets to benefit our local humane shelter.

"I must say that what impresses me the most about her is her heart. She has such a passion for helping every single child. No task is too great & no child can’t do it! We have the honor of having many special needs children in Girl Scouts in Gibson County & this leader has a passion for working with them." says McClellan.

Even with a full time job as a Special Education teacher, family & church activities, to continuing her education in a graduate degree program, she manages to stay up to date, involved, and very active in all things Girl Scouts.  

Thanks Badge

The Thanks Badge is a GSUSA award that recognizes an adult member whose performance is truly outstanding and benefits the total council or the entire Girl Scout movement. Consideration requires that a nomination be submitted along with four letters of endorsement from individuals or groups that have worked with and observed the performance of the individual. The following award nominations were approved by both the council recognitions committee and our board of directors.  

Jennifer Lawrence- recipient

Jennifer Lawrence wears many hats in Girl Scouts, some of which include troop leader, service unit manager and event organizer. As service unit manager for Lee County, she holds monthly meetings for local volunteers with a theme to keep them involved and excited and consistently encourages girls and adults to Take Action through monthly service initiatives.

Volunteer development and retention are just two of the many areas in which she excels, and as if organizing events for her own service unit of Lee County was not enough, she has also taken on the task of organizing joint events for Lee and neighboring Itawamba County, providing girls of both service units the opportunity to make new friends beyond their communities.

Lawrence contributes to council goals through year-round recruitment efforts and assisting with United Way funding interviews. She has also served as a representative of Girl Scouts Heart of the South at the National Girl Scout Conference. In addition, she assists with council-level programs such as "Go Green" and the "North Mississippi Green Festival".

Helen York- recipient

Helen York is one of the inspirational people who make Girl Scouting a dynamic organization for girls. Although her many childhood memories encompassed Girl Scouting in Florida, including earning her Curved Bar, her real passion for the organization began in 1977 as a leader of her daughter’s brownie troop in Virginia. York will laughingly tell you that camping was not her forte, but through her charismatic personality and her commitment to teaching entrepreneurship, character education and taking girls to ‘see the world’, she has led countless girls through the Girl Scout experience. Many of her girls continue in Girl Scouting until they graduate high school because of her example and her integral relationship in their lives.

In 2008, York conceived an ‘idea’ and started networking with people—as she does so well. Her idea became known as the "West Tennessee Earth Day Festival", and has made a strong impact in the lives of girls and families and for the ‘environmental good’ of Jackson and West Tennessee.  She lives and breathes the Girl Scout mission, and to many in West Tennessee, she is known as a modern day Juliette Low.

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