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Tennessee College Tour: Part 1

Written by Girl Scouts Laura Ellacot and Erin Callaway

We left Sunday morning for a four day College Tour in Tennessee with 42 other girls. We started the tour with a fun day in Knoxville, TN where we went to Marble Springs and toured the plantation of Governor John Sevier, a frontier era farm.

On Monday we started touring the colleges at University Tennessee Knoxville and University Tennessee Chattanooga, where we got our first taste of college life. Monday evening we toured downtown Chattanooga and saw many of the cities statues and art pieces and learned about some of the city's history, we also went to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga. Ruby Falls is a waterfall that is 1,125 feet under the surface of Lookout Mountain. We got to walk behind a waterfall today, What did YOU do today???

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Posted by Kristen Posey-Russell at 8:31 AM


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