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Girl Scouting 101

This just in – the promised “Girl Scouting 101” has been released!  This fantastic orientation resource has been finalized and is now ready for use by all volunteers.  Girl Scouting 101 is a 45- minute, self-paced online orientation to Girl Scouting. This fabulous resource replaces the existing Online Volunteer Orientation, the Leadership Essentials Online, and GSLE Overview (commonly known as “Ask  Sophia”).

While its immediate intended audience is volunteers who are new to the organization, whether they work directly with girls or behind the scenes, it is also for anyone that has not taken the online Volunteer Orientation and the online Leadership Essentials.  Preferably, every volunteer, current and new will go to the link and experience each chapter.  This will update you with what is new in Girl Scouting as well as with all of the incredible resources and information that GSUSA is offering to our membership.

Below you will find some frequently asked questions about Girl Scouting 101.  If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Volunteer Services Department or contact Raleigh Walker at 901.334.3462.

Girl Scouting 101 Frequently Asked Questions

Is Girl Scouting 101 appropriate for volunteers in all of the pathways?

While Girl Scouting 101 applies to all volunteers, Volunteering for Girl Scout Series and Events—a streamlined version of Girl Scouting 101 created specifically for those  who commit to short–-term  volunteering (such  as for series and  events)—is planned for availability in September 2011.

What does Girl Scouting 101 cover?

Girl Scouting 101 is broken down into eight parts:

  • About Girl Scouts (the basics)
  • Ways to Participate (the flexible options—troop, camp, series, event, virtual and travel pathways, plus direct and indirect volunteering)
  • What Girl Scouts Do (GSLE, journeys, Girl’s Guides, Bronze/Silver/Gold Awards)
  • Mission, Promise, and Law
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • Staying Safe (the Girl Scouts Safety Standards)
  • Ages and Stages:  What Girl Scouts Are Like (girl development for each grade level)
  • What’s Next (how to move forward with your local region or area; how you are supported)

Why is GSUSA getting rid of those pieces?

Though the Online Volunteer Orientation had great content, it was technologically dated and ready for a refresh—one that meshed with and complements the Journey  adult guides, The Girl’s  Guide to Girl Scouting, and Volunteer Essentials.  At the same time, the GSLE Overview/Ask Sophia looks beautiful  and has interactive features, but does not include information on It’s Your Story—Tell   It! Or The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting. Finally, the information in Leadership Essentials Online overlaps much of what’s in Girl Scouting 101.

How can all of the information contained in those three resources fit into Girl Scouting 101?

We’ve cut out redundant information, written a tight script, and given you the option of bookmarking much of the information and revisiting it whenever you need to.

How do volunteers access Girl Scouting 101?

  1. Access the Girl Scouting 101 URL at: (  —the same used for the Online Volunteer Orientation and Leadership Essentials Online)
  2. Choose Girl Scouting 101 from the menu
  3. Enter Password: aboutGS101 (case sensitive)
  4. You will be able to view Girl Scouting 101 from any Internet-connected computer. Note: In the drop down menu please make sure that you indicate “Heart of the South”.

Has anything changed about accessing the Online Volunteer Orientation?  And what is going to happen to Leadership   Essentials Online and the GSLE Overview/Ask Sophia piece?

Nothing about accessing the Online Volunteer Orientation has changed. It is still at the same URL ( and the password is “discover.” The GSLE Overview/Ask Sophia will be removed from soon. The Online Volunteer Orientation and Leadership Essentials Online will be available until September 2012—with all councils and Overseas locations transitioning to Girl Scouting 101 by that time. USAGSO-NA is just at the head of the pack making the transition!

Is there a Girl Scouting 101 face-to-face session?

Right now, there’s no plan to create a face-to-face session to accompany Girl Scouting 101. However, it could be shown to a group of volunteers at one time, leaving room for discussion and additional learning opportunities.

What about the face-to-face Leadership Essentials session?

GSUSA has no plans to update the face-to-face Leadership Essentials session.

Is Girl Scouting 101 available in Spanish?

Girl Scouting 101 is planned to be available in Spanish in September 2011.

Have the learning logs changed?

Yes and no. We’ve worked to make the learning log questions more fun and useful for new volunteers; instead of submitting your answers for the database, now the questions are answered to oneself while watching Girl Scouting 101. 

Not all volunteers have reliable Internet connections. What can we do?

Girl Scouting 101 can be downloaded and burned to discs that can then be distributed to volunteers who can’t watch it online. Or it can be shown to a group of volunteers at one time. If you download Girl Scouting 101, however, volunteer information won’t be collected like it is online. You will need to collect volunteer contact information and submit it to Volunteer Services Manager, Raleigh Walker at

How does GirlScouting 101fit into our overall learning plan for volunteers? 

After  experiencing Girl  Scouting  101, volunteers will   be  ready to  explore other resources and  courses(like Volunteer Essentials and position-specific courses/orientations)  to help  you to be successful   in your  specific roles.

Posted by Kristen Posey-Russell at 9:24 AM


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