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Be a Girl Scout Pen Pal

The council has received a few requests from Girl Scouts across the country looking for Troops to be pen pals with in celebration of the 100th.Interested? Take a look at the requests to see if your Troop may be interested.

 Farmington, MO

Dear Fellow Girl Scout,

To celebrate 100 years of being “a sister to every girl scout” my Daisy troop has decided to connect with 100 different troops from across the US. If you could please provide me with the mailing address of one or two troops in your area that I could contact. The girls will be writing short pen-pal letters and we will mail them to the troops with the hope that we will receive letters back. We are hoping to connect with girls from all levels and areas of Girl Scouts. Thank you for your time,  

Kate Barton
312 Sixth St.
Farmington, MO 63640

Lexington, KY

Hello, My name is Jessica Whittaker and I am the Special Events Coordinator for Franklin County Girl Scouts in the state capitol of Frankfort, KY.  I am also a recent former Membership Specialist that served a rather large area in central Kentucky with the Girl Scouts of Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Council in Lexington, KY.   As apart of my roll as the Special Events Coordinator for the county, I have taken on the task of starting a Pen Pal program for girls in each of our state capitol’s.  We have about 27 troops in Franklin County and I would love to pair these troops with troops in your state capitol.  Could you help me in this effort?  I would like to get this started as soon as possible, well at least before summer begins.   With this being the year of the girl, we would like to see girl’s reaching out across the country and the world to each other and sharing their experiences with one another.    If you would be so kind, would you give my information to whichever Membership Specialist (that’s what my position was called in Lexington!) who would be able to help me with this project?  I know your schedules are busy and hectic, anything that I can do to make this the easiest on your staff as possible is my goal.  

Thank you!  

Jessica Whittaker
937.212.5107 call/text

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3/30/2012 at 02:37 PM by Rekeshia Hudson

I am Rekeshia Hudson. I am so excited about the pen pal program, as I have been searching all over for pen pals for my girls. I am extremely interested in my girls being a part of the pen pal program. Please contact me as soon as you can. Thanks.

5/2/2012 at 01:55 PM by Amy Ayers

We are completing the Vi daisy petal and we are interested in meeting another troop through pen pals. We have 12 girls in our troop. We are troop 0585 from Madison, Ms. Please let me know if your girls would be interested in getting a letter!

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