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It's Volunteer Appreciation Week

Without a paycheck and without any fanfare, you've devoted yourself to girl leadership. You put in long hours, stay patient as girls lead their own activities, and bring fun and spirit to everything girls do.

It all pays off. Because girl leadership isn't only about being class president or volleyball captain. Not every girl will grow up to run a company, be a politician, or manage a science lab, if that's not her passion. But every girl can be a leader in her own life, so that she—and everyone around her—blossoms into their full potential. A girl leader not only avoids going along with friends who want to skip class or shoplift, but also convinces them not to do it themselves. She supports the aspirations of other girls—no matter how lofty—even if she doesn't share those aspirations. And she steps in when she sees others making fun of a fellow student who doesn't find herself among the popular crowd.

That's leadership, Girl Scout style. That's making the world better. And that's the difference you make in the world, one girl at a time. Thank you.

Parents and Alumnae, Have You Thanks a Volunteer Today?

Girl Scouting wouldn't be possible without our nearly one million volunteers. During Volunteer Appreciation Week, please take time to thank the Girl Scout volunteer(s) who made a difference in your life, or in the lives of your daughter, sister, granddaughter, or niece.

Not sure how to share your appreciation? Volunteers tell us that the most meaningful thank-you gift is a handwritten note about the impact they've had on girls' lives. Of course, volunteers won't say no to flowers, gift certificates, and collectibles from your council shop! But, really, just writing or saying "thank you" will make a world of difference to your dedicated Girl Scout volunteer.

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