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Mid-South Food Bank Seeking Student Ambassadors

Students Against Hunger represent the Mid-South Food Bank at speaking engagements, tours of the Food Bank, and other events in the community. These volunteers act as Mid-South Food Bank’s ambassadors to help increase the Food Bank’s visibility and recruit support from volunteers and donors in the communities we serve. We provide the information; our Students Against Hunger provide the passion to tell our story to social and professional groups, among others. This volunteer position is best suited for students with flexible schedules and a knack for public speaking and who want to serve the community. Special training is required to become a Student Against Hunger.  

As part of its mission to fight hunger through education and advocacy, the Mid-South Food Bank is expanding its Students Against Hunger Ambassadors program.  We are currently searching for students in the Mid-South who are interested in public speaking, community involvement, and leadership, which Scouts already possess.  

Did you know that the Mid-South Food Bank serves 31 counties out of the Girl Scouts Heart of the South's 59 county jurisdiction? 

The Food Bank currently serves over 30 counties in Northwest Mississippi, East Arkansas, and West Tennessee.  As ambassadors, students would raise awareness and recruit support from volunteers and donors in and for their communities.  This volunteer position is best suited for students with flexible (weekend) schedules and who have transportation.  Each ambassador will receive training prior to their his/her speaking engagement and recognition for his/her service. The Mission of Mid-South Food Bank is to fight hunger through the efficient collection and distribution of wholesome food, and through education and advocacy. Mid-South Food Bank is a member of Feeding America and the Safety Net Collaborative.

Students Against Hunger Ambassadors must accumulate a minimum of 100 points per semester to retain ambassador status (see table below).  Tasks may be mixed in any manner to reach the 100 points, i.e. three speaking engagements plus one speaking engagement seeking and scheduling by the student.  All 100 points cannot be achieved by volunteering at special events.  Students are encouraged to exceed the 100 point minimum.

Point System (Per Semester)     

  • Speaking engagement                                                                                      30 points   
  • Student to seek and schedule speaking engagement for themselves              10 points    
  • Conduct facility tour                                                                                          30 points   
  • Student to seek and schedule facility tour engagement for themselves           10 points  
  • Volunteer at a special event                                                                             20 points   
Submit your Students Against Hunger Ambassador application today!
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