eBudde Quick Reference

Initial Order

Down-loadable eBudde manuals are available at ebudde.littlebrownie.com

Click HERE for eBudde Demo!

First Time Users

  •  http://ebudde.littlebrownie.com
  • Enter your email address, temporary password: eBudde. click LOGIN
  • Change your password, enter contact information, click SUBMIT
  • Click each TAB at the top to enter each page.

Contacts Tab

  • Review information; edit as necessary Setting Tab
  • Enter number of girls selling and registered; goal in boxes (not cases)
  • Mark the appropriate age level
  • Mark “Receives Proceeds” if applicable
  • Enter troop banking information
  • Click UPDATE to accept all changes

Girls Tab

  • Enter names of girls, GSUSA ID and Cookie Club login optional, click box for registered, enter goal in boxes (not cases)

Initial Order Tab 

  • Click each girl’s name; go to bottom of screen, click squares to begin entry
  • ONLY enter “Troop to Troops” orders in the T2T column
  • TAB to enter your girls total cookies order in boxes by variety
  • Press ENTER (on keyboard) or OK button.
  • BOOTH – Click BOOTH, bottom of screen, click squares to begin entry.  TAB to enter in boxes and variety number of cookies for booth sales. ENTER (on keyboard) or OK button
  • SAVE the page
  • Review the totals at the bottom, if correct Click SUBMIT order. You cannot change order after it has been submitted. Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager or the Product Sales Team to make changes.

Delivery Tab

  • The delivery tab allows you to select your cookie delivery site and time and also view your delivery information.  The purpose of this tab is for a troop to be assigned to a delivery pick up site for the initial cookie order.  In addition, your SU may allow you to select your PREFERRED pick up time. 

Incentive Tab

  • Click FILL OUT next to Initial Incentive Order
  • Review Girl orders if applicable
  • Enter or review total awards earned
  • Click SUBMIT to submit your order  

Final Order

  • Girl Orders Tab
    • Girl Totals (at the bottom of the screen) - This line shows you all the cookies that have been allocated to the girls.  Your goal is to match the total number for the girl totals line to the total number for the troop order line.
    • Troop Order – This line shows you all the cookies the troop has received either via initial order, troop transfers, pick-ups from the service unit and/or cupboard.  These packages are ultimately what the troop is responsible to pay for.  This line will update throughout the cookie sale.
    • Difference - This line is to help you know if you need to allocate more cookies to girls or if you have over allocated.  The goal is that the total column on the Difference row will be 0 by the end of the sale.    As you assign cookies to girls, the girl total line will be updated.  As transactions are posted to your troop (see the transaction tab or sales report for details), the troop order line will be updated.
    • Update girl orders to include all additional cookies ordered, booth sales and payments made
    • Payments entered on this tab are for girl payments to the troop.  It does not reflect payments made to the council.
    • Click Save to save your information
  • Deposit Tab
    • Click “add a deposit” at the top of page. TAB through boxes, press ENTER on keyboard
    • Enter payments made to the council (not deposits made into troop account)
  • Incentive Tab
    • Click FILL OUT next to Final Incentive Order
    • Enter or review total awards earned
    • Click SUBMIT  to submit your order
  • Sales Report Tab
    • Review final box numbers.
    • Review your receipts
    • Enter GOC packages and/or Cookie Bundles (if applicable)  

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