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Membership Renewal is Now Open for Next Year!


Ready for another year of fun, friendship, adventure and events? Now is the perfect time to commit to another year of Girl Scouts! Renew today, save your spot, and get rewarded!

While the 2018-2019 Girl Scout Year begins October 1, we’re so excited about next year that we’re offering some incredible incentives to renew early! Like they say “the early bird gets the worm” you won’t want to miss these incentives - including a never-before-offered one day special incentive!  

Check out these incredible incentives you can receive, just for renewing your membership early:

  • All girls who are renewed by April 21 are able to attend a special, invitation-only badge workshop in their region.
  • All girls who are renewed by May 11 will be invited to our Early Bird Camporee on September 7-8 at Camp Fisherville.
  • Girls who are renewed by May 31 will receive a special Early Bird fun patch.

PLUS! All incentives are cumulative, so the earlier a girl is renewed, the sweeter the reward!

We didn’t forget about you, Service Units! All service units that have 50% of their members renewed, and at least 50% of their service team positions filled by May 31 will have dinner delivered to an upcoming Service Unit meeting.

Also, the first Service Unit to meet this criteria will receive a voucher for their Service Team and key volunteers (up to 20 people) for a 4-hour team building/ropes course experience at Pinecrest Camp in Moscow, TN.

If the incentives weren’t enough, register early for the convienence!  For most parents and volunteers, the fall can get pretty busy with back to school business. When you renew membership early, that’s one less thing to worry about come August! You and your girls can just jump right into the fun and excitement of a new year! >>>RENEW NOW!