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Girl Scout Express is a volunteer led program designed to introduce the Girl Scout experience to kindergarten through 5th grade girls who are interested in becoming Girl Scouts but cannot find immediate placement in a Girl Scout troop.  

It’s a short term experience that allows girls to become registered members and engage in fun, hands-on Girl Scout activities until a permanent troop home is found.  Parent participation is required. Girls meet at a designated location and time once per month to participate in activities that are led by parents, service unit volunteers, and/or community volunteers and groups.

To further their experience, girls participating in Girl Scout Express will receive a monthly “Express Pack” from the Council via mail. The “Express Pack” contains fun games, craft ideas, and activities that girls can do on their own or with friends throughout the month until their next meeting is held. Girl Scout Express parents and participants will receive all council correspondence that contains information letting them know about all of the exciting council sponsored events and activities in which they can participate. 

In a nutshell, the purpose of Girl Scout Express is to get girls off the waiting list and on track to begin their Girl Scout experience with a troop! 


Girl Scout Express Volunteers! Click on the links below to download GS Express Resources.