Individually Registered Girl Scouts

Every registered girl can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Every Girl Scout can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program
regardless of troop involvement. You can earn money towards
summer camp, council activities, registration fees and more!

Regardless of your troop affiliation you can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program. There are many different ways that registered girls can participate.

Some groups are registered as a Pathway and have a registered adult in charge; some individually registered girls want to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program to help pay for their camp experience; etc.

Since there are so many different Pathway options, Pathway groups will be handled on a case by case basis.

Individually Registered Girls

Service Unit Cookie Managers will be responsible for individually registered girls participating (that did not align themselves with a troop, or their troop is not participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program); making sure they are trained, collecting parent permission slips, orders and payments and distributing product and incentives.  If you do not know who your Service Unit Cookie Managers is please contact Brittan Davis at or 731-215-6123.

Pathway Groups

The process for Pathway groups will be handled individually. Several factors will apply to how the process will be handled. Is there a registered adult within the group; is there a bank account linked to the group; are they seasonal and how frequently do they meet; etc. Please contact Brittan Davis at or 731-215-6123 to determine the best way for these girls to participate.


For orders to be placed in the eBudde, individually registered girls must be assigned a “generic” troop number. A specific Pathway number has been assigned for each Service Unit to place these orders in the eBudde system. This number is simply 99 in front of the Service Unit number (example: 99111 for A.B. Hill and 99310 for Yalobusha.)

All individually registered girls’ orders will be placed under this “generic” troop number so that her orders arrive with the rest of the Service Unit’s delivery. This number has no meaning outside of the Girl Scout Cookie Program; it is only to process their order through eBudde. 

If there is a Pathway group as well as other individual girls selling within the same Service Unit, please contact Brittan Davis to obtain a separate number.

Cookie Proceeds

Individually registered girls that are not in the Troop Pathway for the sale will receive Pathway Bucks at the same rate of Cookie Proceeds as a traditional troop.

Pathway Bucks may be used to pay membership registration dues, council-sponsored program activity fees, resident camp registration fees, resident camp trading post, and to purchase items in the council shop; may not be cashed for “real money” and cash will not be given as change; has no value outside of Girl Scouts Heart of the South; is non-transferable; expires 9/20/13. Pathway Bucks certificate must be presented at time of use. Pathway Bucks certificate cannot be replaced or re-issued for any reason. Pathway Bucks will be for the full amount received and will have a ledger on the certificate that will show all activity reducing the amount until it either expires or is depleted. Pathway Bucks will only be issued if balance is paid in full.

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