Program Aide


The PA leadership opportunity is designed to help Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts discover their talents in mentoring and leading younger children, gain the confidence, knowledge and expertise needed to guide younger girls, and prepares them to hold future leadership positions within and outside of Girl Scouting; plus, connect with other teen Girl Scouts from around the council.  Specifically, PAs are girls who become proficient in a specific area of interest and share their specialized knowledge with younger girls in a troop or group setting.    


    • Ambassador Girl Scout Program Aide: Any registered Senior/Ambassador Girl Scout in grades 9-12.  

    Training Requirements:

    • Core Training:  Designed to foster the development of basic leadership skills and to give girls a basis for working with younger girls.  Topics include basic understanding of Girl Scout program, developmental characteristics of younger girls, and the role and responsibilities of the Program Aide.  Additionally, participants will learn how to select, plan, and present age-appropriate activities and use problem-solving strategies.  
    • Specialization Training:  Girls strive to become proficient in a particular topic, area, or activity such as crafts, songs, or outdoor skills.  At the completion of the session, a girl should be able to lead a troop/group through a variety of activities in the specialization area.  
      • Specializations may include but are not limited to arts & crafts, songs & games, outdoor skills, first aid, ceremonies/flags etc. You may check with council for more options.  

    Note: Senior Girl Scouts who have already received Core Training as Cadette Girl Scouts do not need to repeat Core Training, but must select one additional specialization training.  Also, note that it is possible to be a Senior Girl Scout Program Aide without first having been a Cadette Girl Scout Program Aide.  

    Activity Kit Requirement:

    An Activity Kit is a box or file with an organized set of activities. This kit should contain needed supplies and instructions for the activities it contains.  For Cadette PA’s a minimum of 25 activities are needed.  Senior/Ambassador Program Aides, who have been a Cadette Program Aide, should add at least 25 more activities.  

    The PA takes the kit with her whenever she is working with younger children (troop activities, camping with a troop, babysitting, etc.)  She’ll have ideas and supplies at her fingertips to keep the children occupied with fun activities.  An occupied child is not bored and causes fewer problems.  

    Internship Requirement:

    Once the PA has taken the trainings and completed required paperwork, she can either locate a troop/group in her local area with whom she would like to work, the Service Unit Manager can help her connect with a troop or she can obtain council assistance in locating a troop or group.  They will match the PA with an experience that will be beneficial to both her and the girls with whom she will work.  Under adult supervision she must then work with troops and/or groups to complete at least 25 hours of service to her troop and/or group.  These hours can be spread out over several months.  


    Once assigned to a troop/group a girl must:   
    • Arrange mutually convenient meeting times with the leader to plan and discuss how she will be integrated into the function of the troop/group.This includes determining if she will need any special materials for the activities she would like to present, and deciding who will supply them.         
    • Create an activity kit in the chosen area of specialization. 
    • Attend the meetings of her assigned troop/group.  If she is unable to attend due to emergency or extenuating circumstances, she must make every effort to notify the leader in advance.         Maintain a record of the time spent with the assigned troop/group.         
    • Arrange for transportation to and from meetings and events.         
    • Provide the leader with signed parent/guardian permission slip when they plan to travel with a troop/group.         
    • Complete the Leadership Project Evaluation Form.  


    A girl earns her PA pin:

    • Upon completion of Core Training and one Specialization Training.
    • Completing an application, three references, and the Parent/Girl Agreement.
    • The PA Pin can be presented to girls on the troop or service unit level.  

    A girl earns her PA patch:

    • Upon completing a Leader/Adult Agreement for Participation in Leadership Projects.
    • Upon completion of at least 25 hours of service as a Program Aide.
    • Developing an Activity Kit of program resources.
    • The PA Patch can be presented to girls on the troop or service unit level. 

    Program Aide Resources

    Suggested Forms for Developing Leaders:

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