Roles, Responsibilities and Application Process




The objective of the Girl Scouts Heart of the South Teen Advisory Board shall be to represent council girl membership interests in council operations, including recruitment and retention efforts, programming, and strategic planning.   


  • The GSHS Teen Advisory Board will consist of seven girl members.
  • In its inaugural year, the Teen Advisory Board will be guided by two council staff members.
  • The term limit of each board member shall be two years, with no renewal. This is to allow as many girls as possible to exercise their leadership potential.
  • The application deadline for Teen Advisory Board selection will be March 15 of each year.  Board members will be sworn in at Annual Meeting each April.
  • Teen Advisory Board business meetings will take place quarterly, with additional meetings scheduled as deemed necessary by TAB members.
  • Board members may attend meetings via Skype or conference call when necessary.
  • Board members will appoint officers.  The board chair will also serve as the girl representative to the Girl Scouts Heart of the South Board of Directors.  


  • To be the voice for girls in council operations
  • To support Girl Scouts Heart of the South strategic planning efforts
  • To promote the Girl Scout brand and mission
  • To encourage continued Girl Scout membership among currently registered Girl Scouts
  • Teen Advisory Board Chair will serve as the Teen Delegate for GSUSA National Convention 


  • Girls must be a registered Senior or Ambassador Girl Scout at the beginning of the membership year. 
  • Girls must have been a registered Girl Scout for at least two (2) years prior to application.
  •  Girls must possess a 2.5 (on a 4.0 scale), or equivalent, high school GPA.
  • Girls must be willing to commit to meeting attendance and project participation requirements as determined by TAB members.
  • Girls must commit to attending Girl Scouts Heart of the South Annual Meeting.  The date and location will be provided at time of application.  


  •   Girls meeting eligibility requirements must complete an application process to be considered for selection.  Any applicants not selected for that year’s board must submit a new application to be considered in another year.
  • The application process will consist of
    • biographical information
    • contact information
    • resume demonstrating leadership abilities along with other current obligations
    • essay outlining their expectations of TAB and their reasons for seeking involvement
    • recommendations from non-related adults.  At least one of these recommendations should come from someone within the Girl Scout community. 
  • The application will also include a participation agreement, signifying the girls’ understanding of the role of TAB members and her willingness to meet those expectations.

Download the Teen Advisory Board application and Reference Form

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