Seniors (9-10)

 Hernando Senior Girl Scout Troop 10450 celebrated our 100th by traveling to Washington D.C. to "Rock the Mall".

Girl Scout Senior (grades 9-10) 

Seniors are already confident leaders, caring members of the community, responsible for themselves and respectful of the common good. Through the National Program Portfolio and Girl Scout Leadership Experience, they pursue group and personal goals, and use the Girl Scout Cookie Sale as an entrepreneurship experience.

Are you ready to embrace new adventures? Are you ready to say yes to new challenges? Then, step up to Girl Scout Seniors where you'll find opportunities to do all that and more! You can try all sorts of new experiences – mountain biking, doing yoga, rock climbing, volunteering at the Special Olympics or touring an art gallery. If you yearn to travel, check out the international Girl Scout destinations tailored for Girl Scout Seniors and above. You could explore Belize, come face to face with a Beluga whale in the Arctic, jet to India or trek through the Amazon rainforest.

Senior Meetings

Seniors make all decisions about their program, decide on activities based on a budget, and make all plans for meetings and events. They completely plan and organize trips. They raise they money to pay for their activities and, often, to fund service projects to meet community needs.

Seniors have comprehensive, cross-functional leadership training. They can earn badges and the Community Service Bar. Seniors may also work as Program Aides, Counselors-in-Training at camp, and Volunteers-in-Training in troops. Girl Scout Seniors may earn the Gold Award, the highest achievement in all of Girl Scouting. 

 As a Girl Scout Senior, you can: 

  • Meet personal challenges on a 45-foot-high ropes course
  • Go horseback riding for a week at resident camp
  • Become a Counselor-in-Training to lead girls at camp
  • Develop an internet chat group for the troop, with volunteer guidance
  • Explore career interests with a mentor
  • Join a virtual book club to blog with Seniors from afar
  • Organize a car pooling campaign to cut pollution
  • Learn to be a First Responder in an emergency
  • Travel across the country for a program adventure through Destinations
  • Decide on, organize and implement plans with little input from volunteers  
  • Become a role model for younger girls   
  • Participate in Girl Scout council-sponsored activities either with your troop or individually including the cookie program and MagNut program   
  • Begin work on the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest award in Girl Scouting   
  • Attend trainings such as CPR/First Aid   
  • Learn and practice financial responsibility   

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