Start a Troop

Starting a Troop in 8 Easy Steps

  1.  Fill out a Volunteer Application - If you’re interested in starting a troop, the very first thing you should do is submit a Volunteer Application/Background Check Authorization to get approved for volunteer service
  2. Contact Girl Scouts - Contact your local Membership Manager in your area who will assist you in getting your troop together.
  3. Become a Member - Register as a member of the organization.
  4. Complete the Screening Process- As a potential volunteer, your application will go through a screening process. During this process a criminal background check will be conducted and you will be asked to participate in an interview. The interview should take no longer than 15 minutes, may be conducted in person, over the phone or online, and will assist us in making sure we’ve found the ideal placement for you in our organization. Following the screening process, you will receive official notification announcing that you successfully passed screening and are being appointed to a particular volunteer position.
  5. Complete Training Requirements- To be a troop leader, you will need to complete the following training:
    1. Girl Scouting 101- This can be completed online at (password is “discover”) or as a home study course. The training is an introduction of the Girl Scout organization, our program and what it is like to be a Girl Scout volunteer. This training requirement should be completed prior to meeting with girls.  Password is “aboutGS101”
    2. Volunteer Essentials - This online resource will be your guide throughout the year, so you will need to begin to make yourself familiar with it. You will find a Quick Start Guide in the front with all of the necessary, “need-to-know” information to get you started. To complete the Volunteer Essentials training requirement, you can either use the home study found online or attend a face-to-face training class. This training requirement should be completed prior to meeting with girls. ·       
  6. Getting Girls for Your Troop- You may already have a group of girls ready to start a troop, and that’s great! If not, talk to your membership manager about your options for recruitment.
  7. Host a parent meeting - Review the section in Volunteer Essentials on holding parent meetings for guidance. Let your membership manager know if you need assistance preparing for the meeting.
  8.  Register your troop - Make sure all girls and adults participating in the troop are registered as members. Once that has been completed, you’re an official troop! Have fun!!
If you have any questions please contact Raleigh Walker, Volunteer Services Manager at 901.334.3462

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