Troop to Troops


Troop to Troops was a even bigger success in 2015 with the council donating 10,557 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies! Once again we are bringing back the council-wide Gift Of Caring option of Troop to Troops!

The “Troop to Troops” (T2T) program provides a perfect opportunity to send cookies to our military men and women all over the world.  Through a partnership with Operation Troop Aid, cookies can now be sent to our brave men and women who are putting their lives on hold to protect the freedoms dear to us all.  This is a great new way to support our military troops and grow your cookie sales!

 2015 T2T Patch

Promote the program with girls, parents and volunteers.  Help the girls develop a plan of action to make “Troop to Troops” part of their selling strategy.


Earn Your Troop to Troops Patch

For 2015 girls can earn a special edition Troop to Troops patch when they have 6 boxes of cookies donated to Troop to Troops! 


“Troop to Troops” ordered with Initial Orders:

Only Cookies sold through the “Troop to Troops” program during the initial order are to be placed in the T2T column on eBudde.  These cookies will be considered as “virtual” cookies and girls / troops will not receive these cookies in hand.  All you do is take orders, collect the money and pay for them at the end of the sale, retaining your troop proceeds.  

When girls take orders, they ask customers if they would like to donate boxes of cookies to be sent overseas to our military.  If the customer wishes to purchase some, they indicate this in the white column on the girl order form.  Customers do not specify flavors.  Do not order these cookies in specific varieties with your initial order or pick them up at a cupboard.  

If a customer wants specific cookies sent to a specific soldier, they need to purchase them and mail them to the soldier of their choice.  Girl Scouts Heart of the South does not have any control over where the cookies are sent once they are delivered to the military.      

“Troop to Troops" sold through Additional Orders and Booth Sales:

Girls can still sell cookies for the “Troop to Troops” program after the initial order.  At booth sales, display your poster and ask customers if they would like to purchase boxes for our military troops.  

“Troop to Troops” boxes sold through additional orders and at booth sales can be handled as “virtual cookies” or come from your troop’s stock.

  • Virtual cookies – For cookies to be considered “virtual”, they must be placed on eBudde in the T2T column.  Troops will not take possession of these cookies.   ·       
  • Troop’s Stock – Troops can use extra stock to fill their “Troop to Troops” cookie orders but must be taken to one of the council service centers.  Do not place these cookies in the T2T column on eBudde.  They will be placed under the girl’s order by variety.
    • Near the completion of the sale, determine the total number of T2T cookies needed.  Make sure you have enough “extra” cookies left in stock to cover the amount of cookies donated.  If needed, visit a local cupboard to obtain more cookies to fulfill your “Troop to Troops” needs.
    • For these cookies to be included with the “Troop to Troops” program, they must be delivered to the council service centers by March 10th.  Be sure to receive a receipt for your donation.    

“Troop to Troops” eBudde Instructions

  • Only virtual cookies (cookies that you collected for but you will not receive in your hands) should be entered in the T2T column on eBudde.
  • If your troop chooses to return cookies to the council service centers for delivery overseas, those cookies stay listed in the regular girl order section.    


Troops have an opportunity to show their appreciation to their home town heroes and support those in need.  Troops choose an organization they want to benefit and give customers the opportunity to purchase cookies as a donation. For various reasons, some customers do not want to buy cookies for themselves.  With Gift of Caring (GOC), they have the chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouts at the same time.    

To participate in the Gift of Caring program, guide girls through these three easy steps:

  1. Choose the group to receive donated cookies. Hometown heroes like firefighters?  A homeless shelter or food bank?
  2. Communicate to customers that they can buy cookies that girls will donate to this group.  Attach a card or flyer to girls’ order cards notifying customers of the program and the recipient chosen.  Girls can create colorful signs and a cookie booth drop box where customers can place their donations at booth sales.
  3. Deliver the cookies at the end of Cookie Season.

Gift of Caring cookies are not considered virtual cookies.  Unlike the “Troop to Troops” program, troops do take possession of these Gift of Caring cookies, however girls do not.

Near the completion of the sale, determine the total number of GOC cookies needed.  Make sure you have enough “extra” cookies left in stock to cover the amount of cookies donated.  If needed, visit a local cupboard to obtain more cookies to fulfill your Gift of Caring needs.  

Gift of Caring eBudde Instructions

  • At the end of the sale, the GOC boxes should be placed under each individual girl’s order listed under a specific variety.
Take pictures of your troop donating your Gift of Caring cookies to the recipient you have chosen and email them to Your troop could show up on the website or the Weekly Updates!  Please include Troop #, Service Unit and Gift of Caring Recipient’s name.                    

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