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GSUSA launches gsLearn and the Successful Leader Learning Series


GSUSA has launched their NEW online learning platform, designed for consistent and convenient training of volunteers across the global Girl Scout movement. We’re excited to invite our volunteers to complete their required training through this new platform.  The Successful Leader Learning Series (SLLS) is comprised of four modules that are replacing GS101 and Volunteer Basics. From this point forward, GS101 and Volunteer Basics will no longer be available. 

How do I access the four SLLS modules?

The SLLS, the first component of gsLearn, can be easily accessed the same way leaders log in to the VTK. From the council’s website, select MyGS and then VTK. From here, you will now see a new option for gsLearn. Once you are in gsLearn, you should see the SLLS on the home page. If you do not immediately see it, be sure to check the course library. 

Currently, only volunteers who are registered for the 2020 membership year as a Troop Co-Leader have access to gsLearn. If you are registered for 2020 as a Troop Co-Leader and are still not seeing the SLLS as an option, please call us (800.624.4185) or email us at

What if I have already completed GS101 or Volunteer Basics?

Good news! If you have fully completed GS101 and Volunteer Basics, we are not currently requiring volunteers to take the SLLS. We do encourage anyone who wants to check out the material to do so. We think everyone can learn something new and find something valuable in the SLLS, regardless of how long you’ve been volunteering with Girl Scouts.

At this time, if you have not fully completed both GS101 and Volunteer Basics, you will need to complete all four modules of the SLLS.

What do I need to do to get credit for completing these?

Over the next few months, we expect the SLLS to be completely integrated with our membership database. In the meantime, completion of modules 1 and 3 require no additional steps to receive credit. These two modules are already fully communicating and crediting volunteers, upon completion. Unfortunately, a bug in the system is preventing this from happening for modules 2 and 4. Once you complete module 2, you’ll need to submit this quick knowledge check, to be credited with its completion. For module 4, this knowledge check will need to be submitted. 

Is this all the required SLLS volunteer training?

Currently, this will satisfy your on-boarding requirements and prepare you for success as a volunteer in the global Girl Scout movement.