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Girl Scout Cookie Championship on Food Network Premiers Monday, February 3

Girl Scout Cookie Championship

What's better than Girl Scout Cookie season? An entire baking competition dedicated to the perennial sweet treat!

Girl Scout Cookie Championship will premiere on Monday, February 3, 2020 at 7 p.m. on the Food Network, kicking off four of the sweetest weeks in the new year.

Host Alyson Hannigan, of How I Met Your Mother fame, will oversee the contest, while Nacho Aguirre and Katie Lee are set to judge the bakers, alongside a rotating third panel member, including Carla Hall.

This gotta-see-it showdown is unlike any other cookie battle you’ve experienced before. The competitors must transform the Girl Scout Cookies you know and love (Thin Mints and Samoas and Trefoils, oh my!) into over-the-top edible art. The name of the game is flavor, of course, plus showstopping design and undeniably impressive creativity.

Tune in every week to hear from Alyson, Katie and Carla about their own pasts as Girl Scouts, and meet current Girl Scouts who are proudly carrying on the tradition. As for the bakers, if they want to earn the ultimate Girl Scout prize — an outdoor adventure trip of a lifetime, plus a year’s supply of Girl Scout Cookies — they’ll have to put their best treats forward.

Host your own watch party!

We’ve pulled together tips  to hosting your own watch party with your Girl Scout pals! And with the help of Food Network we’ve got you covered with new cookie recipes that will be sure to please the crowd. Use this fillable invitation to invite your friends to watch the Girl Scout Cookie Championship starting Monday, February 3.

Courtesy of FN Dish