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Girl Scouts Heart of the South Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Girl Scouts Heart of the South provides a safe space for girls to develop strong voices and leadership that will help move our state and nation forward.

Racism goes against the values of Girl Scouts, and although we have acted to counter racism throughout our history, we know we have enormous work ahead of us to build a truly anti-racist organization. We are prioritizing these efforts, both on an individual level and within every aspect of Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts Heart of the South will engage in challenging discussions, center voices we haven’t listened to in the past, act with integrity, and learn from any missteps. We pledge to never stop working to create the just and equitable world that every girl, and all of us, deserve.

We are officially launching Girl Scouts’ anti-racism pledge, elevating diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice as organizational priorities and outlining the associated actions we are currently taking with regard to our leadership, staff hiring practices and training, and support for our girls and volunteers.

We encourage all Girl Scouts—girls, families, volunteers, alums, and staff—along with all of our supporters, to sign the pledge and commit to taking action to make the world a just and equitable place. We also encourage you to spread the word among your members, colleagues, friends, and wider networks.

To every member of our Girl Scout community, fulfilling our Promise and Law through our words and actions has never been more important. 

As members of a Movement that embraces 1.7 million girls from all walks of life, myriad religions, colors and hues, and a variety of ethnic and racial backgrounds from all across our nation -- we can’t be silent.

We know many people are struggling to find the right words to talk to their girl about the issues surrounding these tragic times. While this is not an easy task, it is necessary, for this is how we can change the world and our future. If you are seeking guidance on how to begin these conversations with children of all ages, please find below a number of resources as guides. 

Actionable information to help adults talk with girls about standing up for change:

Badges to help girls take action:

  • Good Neighbor (Daisy)

  • Celebrating Community (Brownie)

  • Inside Government (Junior)

  • Finding Common Ground (Cadette)

  • Behind the Ballot (Senior)

  • Public Policy (Ambassador)

Civic Action Toolkit:

Book reading lists that showcase diversity:

To our girls, volunteers, members, and families who live with the realities of systemic racism and injustice: Know that Girl Scouts is a safe space where your voices, talents, and very existence are welcomed and needed. This movement can't successfully fulfill its mission to build girls of courage, confidence, and character without you.