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Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2020

GS Loves State Parks 2020

Girl Scouts Heart of the South (GSHS) and Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) are excited to announce the second annual Girl Scouts Love State Parks weekend September 12-13 for girls to gain important life skills as they explore the great outdoors, which is an integral part of Girl Scouts. 

Are you ready to GET OUTDOORS? This initiative was made for us! It’s time to put on sunscreen and tighten those shoe laces for an outdoor adventure in one of your local state parks! Did you know that our state parks have TONS to offer and most of them are pretty close to our homes, they are! Take a look at the different state parks in your area to celebrate and earn the Girl Scouts Love State Parks 2020 patch, and maybe even some Girl Scout outdoor badges! Let us know all about your fun by using the #GSOUTDOORS in all your social media posts too!

Girl Scouts can also earn a special patch by participating in the events or using the Girl Scouts Love State Parks passport to download, complete, and track activities from home.

The events are free and open to all girls and families. Join GSHS, thousands of girls, and hundreds of state parks across the United States for this exciting weekend, organized in collaboration with the National Association of State Park Directors (NASPD).

In-Person Girl Scout Events:


Looking to branch out on your own?

Take a look at the state parks in your area to learn more about the adventures you can plan!

AR State Park events:

Find a MS state park:

MS state Park Amenities :

Find a TN state park:

TN state parks events :

Take a minute to check out portions of these badges you could earn during this event:

Daisy: Trail Adventure, Eco Learner, Buddy Camper
Brownies-Hiker, Outdoor Adventurer, Outdoor Art Creator
Juniors-Trail Adventure, Camper, Eco Camper
Cadettes: Trail Blazing, Archery, Night Owl, Primitive Camper, Trees, Adventure Camper
Seniors: Trail Adventure, Adventure Camper, Adventurer, Eco Explorer, Sky, Paddling, Outdoor Art Expert
Ambassador: Trail Adventure, Eco Advocate, Outdoor Art Master, Survival Camper, Water Ultimate Recreation Challenge

Visit to order your very own 2020 Girl Scouts Love The Outdoors patch for participating in this event!!