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Kick-off Your Cookie Season with a our Virtual Cookiepalooza Rally


We have so many fun things in store for you this year, and our crafts and games are some of our favorites. Since our mascot this year is Hopethe horse, we decided to add some flair and we are planning to do a unicorn craft, so check out the list of supplies and get ready to get crafty with us!!

Grab your supplies, and view the virtual Cookiepalooza Rally on our YouTube Channel! Scroll down for more fun activities and downloads.

Supply List:

  • Toilet paper tube
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue, glue dots, &/or tape
  • Glitter foam sheet
  • Colorful yarn
  • Black marker or colored pencil
  • Pink marker or colored pencil

Get Ready!

Emoji Sticks - Make Ahead
We will also be using these fun emoji sticks at the Cookiepalooza, so download and make yours for the big event!

Virtual Cookie Background Clip Art
Download a super cool virtual cookie background to use on our Zoom meeting and show your cookie spirit! These are also great for virtual cookie booths, troop meetings and other Zoom meetings! Make sure to download and test prior to Cookiepalooza.

Additional Fun.

Paper Doll Goal Chain
Make a super-long doll chain that celebrates the strength of sisterhood. Girls write down their strongest skills on paper dolls and tape them together to create a giant chain. They will learn that they all have individual strengths, but when they work together, they can do so much more! >>> Download

2021 Booth Banner
Girls will draw customers in with a beautiful booth banner! >>>Download

Constellation Flashlights
Girls practice goal setting as they learn about constellations. If girls love this activity, encourage them to earn the Space Science badge for their level.>>>Download