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New Digital Cookie Option Starts Monday for Troops to Support their Hometown Heroes

Inspired by Girl Scouts who are donating Girl Scout Cookies to people on the front line, like hospital staff, first responders and food banks, Girl Scouts Heart of the South is announcing Digital Cookie Hometown Heroes.

Hometown Heroes works a little differently than the typical Digital Cookie donation that is fulfilled by the council. Starting on Monday, March 23 all Digital Cookie donations will be fulfilled from troop inventory. This gives troops the option to select their own Hometown Heroes, rally their community behind their efforts and deplete their cookie inventory.

Hometown Heroes is only available to troops who have selected to extended their Cookie Program. These troops are automatically opted into Hometown Heroes.
Troops should select their Hometown Heroes and start sharing their girls’ Digital Cookie links on their personal social media pages and in emails to family and friends.
If your donations exceed your troop’s inventory, you will have the option to either pick up more cookies from a Cookie Cupboard once they re-open, turn off your Digital Cookie links by contacting the council, or request council to transfer Digital Cookie donations back to Troop to Troops.  

You know your communities best. What ideas do you have? We are eager to hear any ideas that could be replicated across the council to help troops. Share them now with your cookie inventory submission. 

The Girl Scout Cookie Program will end on May 8, and all Digital Cookie links will expires that time. All Hometown Heroes donations should be delivered by May 31. Troops that submit their Hometown Heroes details and pictures will be entered to win a Badge Lab at the Girl Scout Imagine Center.