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Working Mother's Day, May 8, 2020

In 2018, a group of Girl Scouts from the Girl Scouts Heart of the South council launched Working Mother’s Day. It is a celebration of mothers in the workforce on Friday, May 8th. The girls were inspired to take action after taking time to reflect on everything their working mothers had to juggle between busy days at work, community involvement, including Girl Scouts, and family activities. 


Every day fifty-two million women in the United States balance the demands of motherhood and careers. Women now make up more of the workforce than ever before, and with 70% of the total female workforce having children under the age of 18, these women on average put in 98-hour work week factoring in work and home duties. That was before the current pandemic challenged time constraints and the stretching of talent for everyone in the workforce.


Countless working mothers now bear the added weight of becoming a teacher to their children and setting up a virtual office space or still going into an essential business. Not to mention the stress of job security, health of families and friends, and countless other worries.  


Girl Scouts are encouraging businesses and organizations to show their appreciation for today’s working mothers on this special day.  Here are some suggestions on how businesses and organizations can celebrate the working mothers on their team:

•         Print a sign of appreciation, put on your favorite green tie, shirt, etc., and send a message or photo to working mothers

•         Encourage working mothers to wear green on May 8th to show their solidarity and impact on the company

•         Show your support on social media with #workingmothersday2020

•         Send a gift card or Send lunch

•         Provide electronic resources that help women balance work and family

•         Send a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Order online at

Join us in celebrating working moms who meet the deadlines and sign up to carpool. The moms who lead team meetings and then help with homework. Girl Scouts encourage you to celebrate the hardworking moms in your life. Recognize them on social media using #WorkingMothersDay2020. Families can make her day by simply helping around the house. Most importantly wear GREEN on Friday, May 8th to symbolize your support for working mothers everywhere – inside and outside the home.  Check out our website for ideas and to share your ideas for how you’re getting involved!