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Top Cookie Sellers Exceed Goals For Annual Cookie Program

Council Top Cookie Sellers

Girl Scouts in the local Girl Scouts Heart of the South Council didn’t let the COVID-19 pandemic stand in their way of meeting and exceeding their goals for a successful Girl Scout Cookie Program.  The top 10 sellers for 2021 all increased their sales over 2020, some doubling their numbers and others almost tripling their sales.

With masks and social distancing protocols in place, the girls put safety first and made use of contactless payments, as well as online orders.  This year’s top cookie entrepreneur, Caitlin Archibald from Memphis sold an astounding 12,383 boxes in 2021 compared to 5,003 boxes in 2020.  Second place top cookie honors go to Emily Duncan from Olive Branch who found customers for 11,154 boxes this year compared to 4,149 boxes in 2020.

“We are incredibly proud of every girl who faced obstacles head-on this year to set goals, maintain safety and participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.  These girls learned valuable life skills and new money-management techniques while providing customers with great service and a product that customers truly enjoy,” said Melanie Schild, CEO of Girl Scouts Heart of the South.

The Top 10 Cookie Sellers for 2021 are:

  1. Caitlin Archibald, Memphis, TN – 12,383 boxes
  2. Emily Duncan, Olive Branch, MS – 11,154 boxes
  3. Jasmine Tolbert, Cordova, TN – 8,775 boxes
  4. Alanna Alston, Covington, TN – 4,411 boxes
  5. Micahya Brown, Marion, AR – 4,061 boxes
  6. Lilly Pierce, Jackson, TN – 3,682 boxes
  7. Natalie Champion, Cordova, TN – 3,296 boxes
  8. Zakiya Yarbrough, Memphis, TN – 3,203 boxes
  9. Makayla Tolbert, Cordova, TN – 3,155 boxes
  10. Brylan Antwine, Atwood, TN – 3,138 boxes

Girls who sold 3000+ Boxes are:

Reagan Allen, Millington/Tipton SU - 3,000 boxes
Alanna Alston, Millington/Tipton SU - 4,411 boxes
Brylan Antwine, TN North East SU - 3,138 boxes
Caitlin Archibald, Shelby South SU - 12,383 boxes
Laney Bell, MS North Central SU - 3,061 boxes
Genesis Bonner, Downtown SU - 3,000 boxes
Micahya Brown, Crit-Ark SU - 4,061 boxes
Natalie Champion, Cordova SU - 3,296 boxes
Bradyn Cooper, Millington/Tipton SU - 3,000 boxes
Janie Dong, TN North Suburban SU - 3,000 boxes
Emily Duncan, Marshall/East Desoto SU - 11,154 boxes
Riley Harrell, TN West Central SU - 3,033 boxes
Karlee Dale McKernan, Millington/Tipton SU - 3,000 boxes
Lilly Pierce, Madison/South Gibson SU - 3,682 boxes
Madison Stewart, TN North Suburban SU - 3,088 boxes
Jasmine Tolbert, TN North Suburban SU - 8,775 boxes
Makayla Tolbert, TN North Suburban SU - 3,155 boxes
Zoey Wakefield, Crit-Ark SU - 3,045 boxes
Kaitlyn Wood, TN North Suburban SU - 3,013 boxes
Zakiya Yarbrough, Shelby North SU - 3,203 boxes

Girls who met the goal of 2021 boxes are:

Teylor Allen, MS Central SU - 2,121 boxes
Taniyah Bailey, Crit-Ark SU - 2,589 boxes
Winter Bryant, Stateline MS SU - 2,374 boxes
Hannah Cuble, Crit-Ark SU - 2,080 boxes
Zanyah Dunlap, Midtown SU - 2,021 boxes
Channing Foard, Clay County SU - 2,079 boxes
MacKenzie Halford, Crit-Ark SU - 2,027 boxes
Anna-Lucia Harris, Marshall/East Desoto SU - 2,021 boxes
Olivia Hendricks, Marshall/East Desoto SU - 2,025 boxes
Alexis Jackson, Midtown SU - 2,021 boxes
Melanee Jordan, MS South East SU - 2,021 boxes
Alysses Kinnie, Madison/South Gibson SU - 2,111 boxes
Colbie Lenderman, TN West Central SU - 2,021 boxes
Keira Mahoney, Germantown SU - 2,285 boxes
Leyla Mejia, Marshall/East Desoto SU - 2,021 boxes
Landree Mills, Midtown SU - 2,364 boxes
Zanaya Moore-Smith, Clay County SU - 2,025 boxes
Sierra Neal, Stateline MS SU - 2,045 boxes
Zy'Keria Oliver, MS Central SU - 2,039 boxes
Aniaya Perkins, Shelby North SU - 2,040 boxes
Melanie Phillips, Shelby South SU - 2,251 boxes
Betty Pugh, Monroe County SU - 2,147 boxes
Paige Shelton, MS South East SU - 2,021 boxes
Emily Steen, Madison/South Gibson SU - 2,043 boxes
Nakyah Sykes, Midtown SU - 2,025 boxes
Madelynn Wen, TN North Suburban SU - 2,079 boxes
Taniyah Willingham, MS Central SU - 2,210 boxes
Leanna Wyatt, TN East Central SU - 2,404 boxes
Zaria Yarbrough, Shelby North SU - 2,347 boxes

The annual Girl Scout Cookie Program funds troop activities, special events and service projects for local Girl Scout Troops and helps to fund camp and program opportunities, volunteer support and training, and financial aid for girls at the council level.  This year, girls who sold at least 75 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, earned their $25 membership fee for the 2022 membership year in Girl Scouts with 2,034 girls achieving that goal.