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Before becoming butterflies, caterpillars go through phases of metamorphosis in which they grow their wings so that they are able to SOAR independently and create their own path.

Girls experience similar phases of metamorphosis, one being throughout middle school as they prepare to transition to high school and beyond. This transition provides girls with a new sense of independence.

Through SOAR, girls will engage in programming that will help them develop a deeper understanding of how they can create their own leadership path and utilize their skills and talents to care for themselves and their communities.

Who:  Middle School Girls in grades 6 - 8
Girls in the program will meet 4 times (once weekly for 4 weeks). Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of leadership.
5:30 - 7:00 PM
TBD - check back soon for info on our next session!
Cost: $25 per participant (includes course materials, commemorative sticker pack, patch and t-shirt)

See session descriptions below.

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The first session of SOAR is all about confidence. Girl Scouts will learn about what confidence is. Confidence is key in middle school and Girl Scouts will learn to build their own confidence and the confidence of their friends.

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During week two of SOAR, Girl Scouts will learn the importance of respect. Girl Scouts will learn different ways to show respect to people in their communities. We will also be discussing different ways that we can respect ourselves.

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In this session of SOAR, Girl Scouts will learn about passion and what it means to have a passion for something that we do. We will uncover our own passions and how we can develop those passions into ways we can serve others.

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In the final session of SOAR, Girl Scouts will talk about Action. We will learn all about service-learning projects and how our service to others can build our knowledge on various topics.

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Join SOAR!
Earn your wings and take flight!

Have fun building your butterfly as you learn to SOAR!