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Stand Beside Her is a rallying cry inspiring girls and women to stand up for each other and commit to shutting down unhealthy comparison that tears down and divides.  By celebrating one another’s talents and successes, we all rise - one courageous, confident girl and woman at a time.

Starting in childhood girls are inundated with negative messages and behaviors that prevent them from building healthy relationships and ideals about their potential. Girls keep these unhealthy ideals and relationships as they mature into women. The competition and comparison formed on the playground and in the classroom carries over to the boardroom and in the home preventing women from reaching their fullest potential.

The Stand Beside Her Patch Program is a way for Girl Scouts to gain a concrete understanding of the Stand Beside Her movement so that they become change agents in their communities to shift the way girls and women treat one another.

Through the Stand Beside Her movement, we hope that all girls will not only be appreciated and respected for their talents, strengths, and unique qualities, but also choose to stand beside other amazing girls and women.

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Thank you for pledging to #StandBesideHer today and every day!