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Mission: We equip girls with the skills to be a leader in all aspects of their life.

Values: We want to remain true to the three tenants of a Girl Scout: courage, confidence, and character. Our program will focus more on social and emotional learning in order to prepare girls for a lifetime a leadership. Leadership means knowing who you are. Girls will gain the following skills: self-advocacy, compassion, compromise, conflict resolution, critical thinking, personal responsibility, and resilience.

Experience: Created specifically for girls in 4th and 5th grade, girls in the program will have 5 sessions. Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of leadership. 

Registration for the April 2021 Trefoil Leadership Academy is now closed. Dates for the next cohort of Trefoil Leadership Academy will be announced soon! Stay tuned!

2021 Spring Sessions and Information

Location: Virtual / Zoom
Dates:  Thursdays, Aril 1st-29th
  5:30pm - 7:00pm

Cost: $25 per girl includes course materials, collectible buttons (one earned for each meeting), patch and t-shirt 


The Ins & Outs of Confidence -
April 1st

The first session of Trefoil Leadership Academy is all about confidence! In this session, Girl Scouts will create their own definitions of confidence. We will discuss these definitions to help us discover our differences in order to celebrate them. In this session, we will also discuss the psychology of confidence and tackle some important questions like, “What creates confidence?”, “How do we build more confidence?”, and “What inhibits confidence?”. Girl Scouts will leave this session with a better understanding of what confidence means to them and how to develop confidence in themselves and others. They will also leave with tools to continue this important work at home as they develop into strong leaders. 

Respect Is a Two-Way Street -
April 8th

Our path to developing strong leaders will continue in session two where the focus will be respect. We will again create definitions of respect and challenge ourselves to apply those definitions to various facets of everyday life. We will discuss what it means to have respect for oneself, others, our differences, and the world we live in. Girl Scouts will also engage with topics ranging from inclusion, unconscious bias, and bullying in this dynamic session. Additionally, Girl Scouts will leave with a set of tips and tricks to continue practicing what it means to show respect in their everyday lives. 

Kick Drama to the Curb -
April 15th

At this meeting of Trefoil Leadership Academy, we will tackle a number of topics that occur while transitioning to Middle School. These topics include; changes to friendships, bullying, dealing with the prevalence of social media, cyberbullying, meeting new people, and the overwhelming number of ways to get involved. Some of these topics are emotional and hard to deal with, but we are determined to have a productive conversation, so that your Girl Scout is prepared with tools to deal with these situations when faced with them. 

Finding Your Passion and Girl of Action -
April 22nd

Animals? Art? Our Planet? Travel? Health? Equality? Education? All of these are topics your Girl Scout may be interested in, and in this session, they will be the focus. During our time together participants will spend time getting to know themselves at a deeper level by discovering what they are passionate about. In this session, we will also discuss the idea that passions can change as we grow and discover new things, and this is part of the process of developing as a leader. 


This session of Trefoil Leadership Academy will act as a continuation of Session four where Girl Scouts spend time discovering their passions. In this session, we will discuss how to turn one’s passions into action. Part of this discussion will be centralized on running for office and supporting those running for office as an engaged citizen. We will also focus on other ways an individual can get involved both in and out of school to create and inspire change in the area they are most passionate about. The goal of this session is for your Girl Scout to leave with a plan of action, and tools to grow their leadership in their desired field. 

The Art of Etiquette -
April 29th

Our final session of Trefoil Leadership Academy will focus on etiquette and learning to “be your best self.” We will spend time having mock conversations on a wide range of topics. We will also discuss the benefits of having face-to- face conversation in comparison to conversation through an electronic format. Additionally, participants will discuss appropriate uses of social media, and the social pressures that social media is creating. This session promises to provide Trefoil Leadership Academy participants with appropriate communication skills to apply to future leadership endeavors and their relationships with friends and family.