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How to Start a Troop

Are you ready to start a troop of your own? You’ll need two adults to volunteer, yourself and one other—one of which must volunteer as the troop administrator! A troop should consist of at least two approved, unrelated volunteers, and five girls.

Once you join Girl Scouts, pass the background check, and get trained, you’re ready to get started!

New Troop 101 coming this summer!

We know you're excited to get started and so are we! Join us for a virtual open house to learn more about how to successfully start your own troop. We'll walk you through trainings, mapping out your year, getting parental help, earning badges and most importantly adding girls.

Three Easy Steps to Start

arrowMini 1. Become a member of Girl Scouts. 

  • Sign up on our Create a Troop page to give us information about the troop you want to start. We'll contact you to get your membership completed and discuss next steps.

arrowMini 2. Within two weeks:

  • Complete a criminal background check (once you sign up for Girl Scouts, you'll get an email to complete a background check).
  • Complete required volunteer training in our online training platform
    Select a meeting location - we can help you find one.
  • Confirm troop assignment.

arrowMini 3. Within four weeks:

  • Create a year plan in the Volunteer Toolkit
  • Start adding girls to your troop! Great places to find families is from your girl's school, community or church.
  • Hold a parent meeting.
  • Hold your first troop meeting!
  • Connect with your service unit.
  • Open a troop bank account (usually done by the Troop Leader and Troop Treasurer)

Want more information? Have questions? We have answers! Contact us at 1.800.624.4185, or email