Staff Directory


Melanie Schild

Chief Executive Officer


Venus Chaney

Chief Officer of Operations


Mary Ellen Rogers

Director of Customer Engagement

Francis Brown

Recruitment Specialist

Santana Brown

Outreach Specialist

Dorothy Covington

Placement Specialist

Blair Duke

Recruitment & Community Engagement Specialist

Betsy Mays

Recruitment Specialist

Annie Roby

Recruitment Specialist

Toulasone Sivilay

Placement & Operations Specialist

Amy Denison

Placement & Data Specialist


Whitney Getman

Director of Volunteer Support

Sena Williams

Director of Adult Leadership Development

Michelle Blansett

Volunteer Support Specialist

Jenice Davis

Adult Development Specialist

Rosalind Davis

Volunteer Support Specialist

Debra Martin

Volunteer Support Specialist

Stephanie Snow

Volunteer Support Specialist

Rhonda Tennyson

Volunteer Support Specialist

Alicia Washington

Adult Development Specialist


IT and Database Specialist

customer care

Raleigh Walker

Director of Customer Care

Ashley Minch

Customer Care Specialist

Programs, Camp & Property

Myra Collins

Senior Director of Program and Properties

Rebecca Day

Regional Program Specialist

Emilie Hutcheson

Regional Program Specialist

Alicia Washington

Regional Program Specialist

Product Sales

Brittan Davis

Director of Product Sales

Dessie Woods

Product Sales & Customer Care Specialist

Council Shop

Shelia Deaton

Regional Office and Council Shop Manager (Jackson)

Joann Rogers

Regional Office and Council Shop Manager (Tupelo)

Janet Stone Wade

Memphis Shop Manager and Customer Care Specialist


Kimberly Crafton

Director of Development and Advancement

Joan Carr

Advancement Manager

Marketing & Communications

Jenny Jones

Senior Director of Community Engagement and Marketing

Alison Coons

Director of Engagement

Kristen Posey Russell

Director of Communications and Creative Services

Lori Gilmore

Associate Director of Communications and Development

Cosette Hawkinson

Events & Initiatives Specialist

Finance & Accounting

Debbie Moore

Senior Director of Finance

Carol Starr

Accounting Manager


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