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We want to make this a great experience for you and for your girls. Take a look at the resources below for helpful websites, guides and even needed cookie forms.

Girl Scout Cookie Price Increase

Girl Scouts Heart of the South is growing and thriving, which is great news, and your role is vital to our program’s success.
As we are faced with increasing costs to deliver our unique leadership development program to our girls, we must continue to find ways to deliver the best possible Girl Scout Leadership Experience to members.
This year, Girl Scouts Heart of the South will join 76% of councils with cookie prices at $5 for core cookies and $6 for specialty cookies (S’mores, Toffee-tastic) this upcoming season. This price increase is based on high production costs from the bakery, requests for troop profits, and increased expenses to provide outstanding girl programming.

Learn more with the Cookie Price Increase FAQs.

Need more information? Still have questions? Call us at 800.624.4185 or email us.


2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program Calendar

  • Saturday, Jan. 11: Girls begin taking orders 
  • Friday, Jan. 31: Girls Submit Initial Orders to Troops
  • Monday, Feb. 3: Troops submit Initial Cookie & Rewards Orders in                eBudde –Troops locked out at midnight
  • Mon-Thurs, Feb. 17-20: Large Order Memphis Area Count-N-Go
  • Fri.-Sat., Feb. 21- 22: Memphis Area Count-N-Go
  • Saturday, Feb. 22: Jackson Area Count-N-Go
  • Mon.-Thurs., Feb. 24-27: SU Cookie Delivery
  • Friday, Feb. 28: Booth Sales Begin
  • Friday, Mar. 6: Girls submit 1/2 Payment to Troops
  • Saturday, Mar. 7: Red Wagon Campaign
  • Monday, Mar. 9: Troop ACH 1/2 Payment Shortage Information due to Council    
  • Tuesday, Mar. 10: Digital Day
  • Wednesday, Mar. 11: Troop ACH 1/2 Payment from Troop Bank Accounts
    to hit banks within 48 hours
  • Friday, Mar. 13: DOC “Girl Delivery” Option Ends
  • Sunday, Mar. 22: Booth Sales End
  • Sunday, Mar. 22: Last day for Digital Cookie Orders
  • Monday, Mar. 23: Girls submit cookie balance to Troop
  • Monday, Mar. 23: Bling Your Booth submission deadline
  • Thursday, Mar. 26: Troops submit Rewards Order in eBudde –
    Troops locked out of eBudde at midnight
  • Thursday, Mar. 26: Troops must have cookie balance deposited
    into troop bank account
  • Monday, Mar. 30: Volunteer T-Shirt Order Deadline to Council
  • Monday, Mar. 30: Red Wagon Campaign Deadline
  • Wednesda, April 1: Troop ACH Final Payment Shortage Information due to Council
  • Wednesday, April 1: Outstanding Balance Form DEADLINE to Council Service Center
  • Monday, April 6: Troop ACH Final Payment from Troop Bank Accounts
    to hit banks within 48 hours
  • Cookie Guides

    Family Cookie Guide - Coming soon!
    Find out all the in's and out's of the Girl Scout Cookie Program, including important dates, tips to help her meet her goal, and more.

    Troop Cookie Manager Guide - Coming soon!
    Everything you need to know for this important role is found in the Troop Cookie Manager Guide. How to log on to Digital Cookie, eBudde step-by-step instructions, dates and lots more.

    Service Unit Cookie Manager Guide - Coming soon!
    A handy-dandy guide to all things cookies! Training dates, how-to's and much, much, more! 

    Guidelines for Individually Registered Girls
    Any registered girl can participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, even if she is not participating with a traditional troop.


    Coming soon!

    Cookie Websites & Links

    (Or visit for a link)
    Your Command Center for managing the cookie sale. Order cookies, track girl activity and order girl rewards.  Review the Meet eBudde fact sheet for quick tips and info if you're new to the eBudde system.

    VIP eTraining
    (Or visit for a link)
    Get step-by-step Girl Scout Cookie Program training whenever you’d like it!

    Little Brownie Bakers 
    Want to make this cookie season the best one yet? Check out some of the fun activities and materials for girls from our partners at Little Brownie Bakers.
    Need materials to make your booth the best booth ever? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at 

    Digital Cookie
    Log-in to kick your Cookie Program into high gear! Create a video, set, share and track your goal, email customers, take payments online and more!  

    Want to know about all the benefits of selling Girl Scout Cookies? Looking for a one-stop shop with the latest safety guidelines, information on earning the Girl Scout Cookie Activity pin, and tips for parents and volunteers working with Girl Scout Cookie Professionals? 

    Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
    Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.  


    Cookie Forms

    2019 Troop Product Sales Manager Agreement
    The Troop Product Sales Manager organizes, coordinates, directs and manages product sales at the Girl Scout troop level.

    2019 Girl Initial Order Summary
    Use this form to tally your girl's initial cookie orders, including Troop to Troops and Gift of Caring donations! You'll also be able to make reward selections for the levels you have achieved. Parents will sign and submit to their troop's cookie manager by the date given.

    Girl Scout Cookie/Council-Sponsored Product Sale: Safety Activity Checkpoints
    Make sure you and your girl are following Safety Activity Checkpoints for the Girl Scout Cookie Program. Online, in-person and cookie booth safety is covered in this document.

    2018-2019 Product Sale Parent/ Guardian Permission and Responsibility Form
    Please sign and return the Product Sale Parent/ Guardian Permission and Responsibility Form to your troop leader for your girl to participate in either the Fall Product Program or Girl Scout Cookie Program.

    2018-2019 Product Sale ACH Debit Authorizaiton Form
    This form must be submitted to council in order to participate in either the 2017 Fall Product Program or the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Program. Please adhere to dates listed on this form.

    2018-2019 Product Sales Policies and Standards
    Read more about our Policies and Standards for the Fall Product Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program.

    2018-2019 Product Sale Service Unit ACH Authorization Form
    Service Unit proceeds will be issued via ACH into their SU Bank Account once all sales reconciliation is complete.

    2019 Cookie Program Girl Balance Sheet
    Track girls' sales and payments throughout the program by utilizing the Girl Balance Sheet.

    2019 Cookie Outstanding Balance Form
    Fill out an Outstanding Balance Form for each person who owes money for cookies at the end of the program.  Forms are due to your Service Unit Cookie Manager by March 21, 2019.

    2019 Volunteer T-Shirt Order Form
    Orders with payment must be submitted by March 25, 2019.  Maximum of 3 t-shirts per troop.

    GSUSA Cookie Resources

    Girl Scouts of the USA's Cookie Resources Page 
    Here you'll find handouts, posters, videos, and other materials to help you have fun and stay safe as you build your cookie business.
    Need materials to make your booth the best booth ever? Download posters, banners, name tags, receipts, thank-you cards, and more at 

    Digital Cookie
    Log-in to kick your Cookie Program into high gear! Create a video, set, share and track your goal, email customers, take payments online and more!

    Cookie Booths
    Cookie Booth Etiquette
    • Review the Cookie Booth Etiquette Contract  with your girls and parents, and have them sign.
    • Remember, we are all Girl Scouts. Always smile and be courteous even if people do not purchase cookies.  Practice the Girl Scout Promise and Law! 
    • We appreciate the enthusiasm of our Girl Scouts however do not allow them to bombard the customers.  Stay clear of doorways, walkways and vehicles.
    • As you arrive at your booth location, identify yourself to the store manager and let them know how long you will be there.  Remember to thank them for their support of Girl Scouting in the community.  Encourage your girls to write a “thank you” note.
    • At the end of your booth time, pack up all empty cookie cases and take them with you.  Girl Scouts always leave a place cleaner than they found it.
    • Selling Girl Scout Cookies at a booth sale is a privilege granted to us by local merchants.  If this privilege is abused, even unintentionally, it could cause all Girl Scouts to lose the opportunity for additional sales at these places of business. 
    • Girls need to be careful and considerate of the merchant’s property and customers.  If there are any complaints, you may be asked to leave by the management.
    Cookie Booth Sales Tips

    Review the Cookie Booth Sales Tips for a successful Cookie Season!

    Use the Booth Sale Recorder app on your phone to track booth sales, girl participation and more, right at your fingertips!

    Use the Build Your Best Cookie Booth Flyer to increase visibility and sales!

    Order wisely! Order only the number of cases you know your troop can sell. Additional cases can be picked up at designated cupboard locations which often have weekend hours. Once your troop picks up cookies, they cannot be returned or exchanged with the council or cupboard.  

    An adult registered with your troop should be on call during the booth sale to pick up cookies and restock the booth as needed.  

    Give samples. If some varieties are not selling, open a package (which your troop must purchase), break them into bite-size pieces, and let customers take a sample. Samples will spark interest among customers and increase your sales.

    Bundle up popular cookies. To encourage multi-box purchases, suggest that girls bundle boxes and attach recipes using the cookies or offer handmade cards such as “Happy Birthday” or “Thank You.”

    Encourage Troop to Troops and Gift of Caring purchases. Make signs promoting your Gift of Caring recipient and display the Troop to Troops poster provided.

    Dress in uniform! It is amazing what effect this has on your supporting public.

    Decorate! Be creative and colorful! Make an attractive table display.  Use balloons, streamers, posters and the cookies themselves! Remember to promote your troop goals and community projects.

    Set up your table with plenty of cookies.  A full table attracts more customers than a sparsely filled one.

    Advertise your booth sale by creating signs!
    Put signs on a vehicle and park in a visible spot! Customers will see the signs and know where to get cookies. People might even make a special trip to get them because they saw your sign. Bring along your troop goal poster and pictures of activities in which you have participated.

    Practice, practice, practice! This is the time for girls to tell their story.  Have girls develop a script of what to say and have them practice with each other and parents telling what the troop’s goal is and what activities they plan to spend their earnings on.

    Location! Location! Location! After girls set a Troop Booth Sale Goal, begin looking for sites. Get out early to locate the best sites for your sales.

    Possible locations outside of council organized locations include: sporting events, car washes, concerts and plays, quick oil change shops, churches, universities and colleges, drug stores, parks and playgrounds, and hardware stores.

    Cookie Booth Set Up

    Planning ahead is key to having everything you need for a successful cookie booth.  Use the Cookie Booth Set Up Guide to ensure a successful booth!

    Use the Cookie Booth Balance Sheet to help parents keep track of booth sales when you can't be there.

    Bling Your Booth

    Banish the boring! If you want to attract lots and lots of customers, it’s time to “bling” your cookie booth. Anything fun, bright, colorful, energetic and creative will bring customers running. Just be sure to follow the guidelines set by your booth sponsor.

    Here’s how to bling your booth:

    • Pick an original cookie booth theme, like tropical, girl power, or glitz and glam—it’s up to you.
    • Create fun posters with your cookie goals, lots of awesome pictures and maybe add balloons!
    • Have fun with it! Add anything that makes your booth stand out from the crowd.

    Top three blinged Cookie booths win:
    1st Place - $60 council shop gift certificate
    2nd Place - $40 council shop gift certificate
    3rd Place - $20 council shop gift certificate     

    Send pictures, along with service unit, troop number and contact information to:

    Bling Your Booth submission deadline: Coming soon!

    Send pictures, along with service unit, troop number and contact information to:

    Bling Your Booth will be on the council’s Facebook page so make sure to share with your family and friends and ask for their “Like” on your entry.

    Teach Your Girls Skills for Life

    Help your girls celebrate the 5 Skills learned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program by earning the Girl Scout Cookie Activity Pin each year.

    Lead girls through the Cookie Business and Financial Literacy badges available in the Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting and watch them grow into confident and empowered entrepreneurs.

    Teach your girls the importance of giving back to their communities by participating in Troop to Troops or a Gift of Caring project.

    Cookie Planner

    Help girls build the best cookie season ever with the new Built By Me cookie planner.

    Built by Me is a new online tool made especially for volunteers that helps create a customized plan for cookie season. It’s as simple as taking a short quiz! Just choose from a menu of options that fit girls’ (and your) interests and schedules. The tool takes your answers and creates a special plan just for your group.

    When you’re done, you can print or email the plan to yourself and use it as a blueprint to guide girls in making their own decisions—making it a truly girl-led experience.

    Visit the Built by Me Cookie Planner