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What is Girl Scouts?
Girl Scouts isn’t just a moment in her life, it’s a movement dedicated to building girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.

Why do families love us?
Girl Scouts is a way of life that brings out the best in your girl, even in the most challenging of times. While she’s learning about STEM, the outdoors, entrepreneurship, and important life skills, she’s discovering new ways to make your family and community stronger, kinder, and better for everyone.

How does it work?
Groups of Girl Scouts, called troops, typically meet weekly or biweekly for an hour or two. Guided by adult volunteers—often parents and caregivers—girls select exciting hands-on activities and projects, try new things, and cheer each other on. Together, they earn badges to reflect their successes and show the world what they’re made of.

What’s the goal?
Making sure girls see and have opportunities to reach their potential isn’t just about helping them earn better grades, make better decisions, and lead happier lives (though it helps with those things too!). It’s about creating a more fair, equal, and compassionate world where every girl has a seat at the table and can make her dreams come true. Check out our values in the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

When can I get started?
Is your girl ready to let her best self shine and create the world she wants to see? With an extended-year membership, she can jump right into spring and summer activities and keep the fun going through September 2022—for just $35. Select the extended-year option when signing up, then decide how to kick off your Girl Scout experience.  

What can Girl Scouts do?

Just like you, we want to best for your girl. Girl Scouts is where she’ll develop skills to take the lead today and into the future. Taking the lead doesn’t just mean she’ll become a future CEO, entrepreneur or congresswoman. It means she will develop into her best self and follow the path she chooses.

Whether in kindergarten or 12th grade, you want your girl to become self-confident, strong and compassionate. You want her to respect herself and others, make good decisions, be open to new challenges and use her skills and talents to make her world a better place. You want her to build strong friendships and put her values into practice in her everyday life.

Social pressure, image issues and uncertain security- there are so many potential hurdels to girls’ healthy development. For more than 100 years, Girl Scouts has helped girls realize their full potential by giving them opportunities to choose experiences and then work with other girls to set and achieve their goals. Just imagine the possibilities for your girl!

How do I find a troop and register my girl as a Girl Scout?

You can search by your zip code for a current troop. Don't see what you are looking for? Contact us at 800-624-4185, email us at, or chat with us online.  

How much does Girl Scouts cost?

Girl Scout membership fees are $25 per year- that fee goes directly to Girl Scouts of the USA. In addition, most troops will ask for some minimal dues to pay for activities and essential program materials like uniforms and books. Your girl will have an opportunity to work with her troop to earn funds through the product sales programs to offset some of these expenses. Financial assistance is available- contact your troop leader or service unit manager for more information.

Any adult age 19 and above who is interested in becoming a troop leader, assistant, helping with a character-building program, or simply being a part of the world’s largest organization for girls may join.

How often do troops meet/who do I contact with questions about the troop?

Most troops meet for one or two hours once every other week to once a month. In addition, there will be some extra time for events and other activities throughout the year. Your girl's troop leader is your main point of contact to answer your questions. Most troops have a parent meeting at the first part of the year to answer questions and highlight what you can expect for your girl. If you have concerns your troop leader cannot address, there is a staff liaison who can help.

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