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Our Alumnae

Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

Since 1912, millions of women have had their lives positively influenced—sometimes even transformed—by their Girl Scout experience.

If you are one of the 50 million women who were Girl Scouts as a girl, or if you were a volunteer or a staff member who worked at the national or local level to help Girl Scouts become leaders at home and in their communities, you are forever connected to a rich and vibrant movement.

Support the organization that brought you so much, giving you the foundation to build your life upon. 

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Girl Scouting Works: The Alumnae Study

The  Alumnae Impact Study investigates the effects of Girl Scouting on women. Researchers surveyed both adults that had been Girl Scouts and adults that had not been Girl Scouts and reached the following conclusion: Girl Scouting works. Women who were Girl Scouts as girls display positive life outcomes to a greater degree than women who were not Girl Scouts. These outcomes are regarding sense of self, community service, civic engagement, education and income. And this is the case for all Girl Scout alumnae, across age/generations, social class, race, and engagement in other extracurricular activities.