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Service Unit Teams

Thanks so much for agreeing to serve as a member of your Service Unit Team! Your dedication and leadership is greatly appreciated, and we strive to provide you with the best and most comprehensive tools available to help you in your volunteer position. 

View the Girl Scouts Heart of the South Service Unit Map (June 2020).

Service Unit Manager

The Service Unit Manager serves as a knowledgeable, positive and encouraging source of support for the entire Service Unit Team and enthusiastically engages others in carrying out the team’s plans for membership development and delivery of a quality Girl Scout experience.

Service Unit Community Relations Coordinator

The Service Unit Community Relations Coordinator is to help the council spread the good news about all the great things that Girl Scouts and volunteers are doing in their community with their local media outlets.

Service Unit Cookie Manager

The Service Unit Cookie Manager enthusiastically organizes, coordinates, directs and manages the Cookie Program, eBudde, and Digital Order Card online ordering systems at the Service Unit level.

Service Unit Development & Advancement Coordinator

The Service Unit Development & Advancement Coordinator enthusiastically assists the service unit in promoting and participating in coordinated council-wide fundraising efforts and provides guidance to troop-level volunteers regarding troop-sponsored money earning activities and fund solicitation activities not associated with the Girl Scout Cookie or Fall Product programs.

Service Unit Finance Coordinator

The Service Unit Finance Coordinator provides general oversight and management of all service unit finances and is a knowledgeable and encouraging source of guidance, support and reassurance to troops regarding all relevant financial matters.

Service Unit Learning & Support Coordinator

The Service Unit Learning & Support Coordinator provides communication and guidance to adult volunteers regarding continual training and learning opportunities (both required and elective) to support their ability to deliver a safe, balanced and quality Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls. The SULSC is also the key source of knowledge and support regarding all girl and adult volunteer awards programs and enthusiastically promotes them within the service unit.

Service Unit Fall Product Manager

The Service Unit Fall Product Manager enthusiastically organizes, coordinates, directs and manages the Fall Product Program and M2 online ordering systems at the Service Unit level.

Service Unit Programs & Events Coordinator

The Service Unit Program & Events Coordinator enthusiastically facilitates and coordinates fun and exciting service unit programs and events that support and enhance the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

Service Unit Recruitment Coordinator

The Service Unit Recruitment Coordinator serves as an ambassador for Girl Scouts who enthusiastically seeks to engage and recruit new members into the organization.

Service Unit Registrar

Service Unit Registrar ensures the success of the Girl Scout registration process by enthusiastically and thoroughly performing the tasks needed to collect and process girl and adult annual membership registrations and place girl and adult members in troops.